You Moved Remember To Change Your Address

Dated: 07/18/2017

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You moved! Now that you survived the stress of closing on your new house, it's time to change your address.

You'll think of other people and places, but this list's a good place to begin.

The best place to start is with the Post Office. They have 2 options. Go to the Post Office, complete the required forms, and give them to the clerk. Easy peasy. If you prefer to do everything on your computer, go to Changing your address online requires a $1.00 identity fee. You'll have to enter a credit card number to pay for that. Be sure to read the FAQs for details. You can do almost anything postal related from here. It's simple to change your address. You might need to inform magazine companies of the change yourself.

Do you have a driver's license or state ID? Visit your state's DMV website to make the change. For example, in Pennsylvania, go to, and you can do it. You can also change your vehicle registration at the same time. You might prefer to do things by mail. Print the documents needed and mail them to the address provided on the site. Of course, you can always go to your local driver's license center and make the changes in person.

Speaking of vehicle stuff, contact your insurance agent and report the new address. You might have multiple-policy accounts with one company, like auto, homeowner, and life. This'll save some time. But, if you have policies with other agencies, contact them, too.

The Social Security Administration needs to know where you live. Give them a call or go to your local SSA office.

Your checks need to come to your new house, right? Inform your bank of your new address. Some banks use an outside vendor to supply your checks. Contact them to let them know you moved when you place an order. 

Update your address with your credit card companies. And all those discount cards for local stores that fit on your key chain? Them, too.

Unfortunately, we all need to go to the doctor sometimes. This means updating your records at all doctor offices you visit. You can most likely make the switch at your next visit. If you're expecting specific items from them in the mail, give them a call. The post office will forward the mail. Still, it's best to actually change the address with your health providers. Don't forget the pharmacy! If you order maintenance supplies through the mail, call the pharmacy right away. 

Time to update your employment records. Give your new address to the Human Resources department. They will update it in your records. They should update it on all insurance policies you have through them. These might include many types of policies. Health insurance. Life insurance. Short and/or long term disability insurance. Accidental death or dismemberment insurance. The list could go on.

Did you work at other jobs throughout the current year? What about the previous year? Did you move between January 1st and January 5th? Contact those employers and update your address with them. They will mail your W-2 to the address they have on file.

Do you have children who attend school (including preschool and daycare)? What about you? Any college courses on your schedule? Contact all schools and daycare centers and update that address. 

Don't forget relatives and friends. Christmas cards, wedding invitations, birthday cards still tend to come in the mail. You don't want the people living at your old address to get invited to your favorite cousin's wedding. If it's your ex's wedding, though, that might be OK.

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