Hurricane Harvey

Dated: 08/30/2017

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Normally, as you faithful followers know, I write about buying and selling houses here. Makes sense, right? I mean, this is a real estate blog. Today, though, I want to switch it up a bit, get personal, and talk about Hurricane Harvey.

As of yesterday evening (August 29, 2017), 51 inches of rain has fallen in southern Houston, Texas. That's over 4 feet. More than FOUR FEET OF WATER has poured out of the sky in just a few days. It would almost cover my car. And my car isn't small. Harv has caused 30 deaths. And he dumped rain so far inland that my friends in Austin and San Antonio were worried. That's a huge area for a hurricane to cover. And then that thug storm went back out into the Gulf of Mexico to pick up reinforcements and now made landfall again. Hurricanes are jerks, and this one's a ginormous jerk.

I want to fix it. I can't do that by myself. But, if we all pitch in however we're able, we can definitely help.  

What can you do? Well, that's up to you. Some people have traveled to help rescue the people and pets in Harv's path. Because I'm quite possibly the clumsiest person on the planet, I would cause more problems than they already have if I actually showed up to help, so I won't do that. But the good news is that we can all help from right where we live.

For example, where I live, a bunch of locally owned businesses (and some huge, national chains), are accepting donations. Money is always a great donation, and even a dollar or two put into the pot boosts the total. We can make monetary donations to the American Red Cross, the Humane Society, or ASPCA online.

Non-perishables are desperately needed when there is a natural disaster. Bottled water, canned food, non-electric can openers, tissues, toilet paper, clothing, blankets, pet food, pillows, personal hygiene products, and toiletries (I can't imagine not being able to brush my teeth several times a day) are really needed right now in the hurricane area. You might even find huge containers that you can literally toss non-perishable items into. Use a little discretion in your choices of what to toss in, though. Potato chips are great, but the bags have a lot of air in them and if something heavy or sharp falls on them, the bag pops and you've got a mess. This invites rodents and bugs, and adding that to the problems that Harv has already caused would just be mean.

Not really in a position to do that? It's ok. Volunteer to pick up those non-perishable donations around your neighborhood and take them to the nearest donation center. Why not actually plan a donation drive in your area? Or, you can volunteer for one that's already set up.

Pet people, are you in a position to foster a pet until its human is able to care for it again? Contact your local animal shelter, and get information from them on how you can do it.

Get creative! There're so many ways to be part of the solution here.

Let's put aside our differences and help our southern neighbors. 

You know you want to.

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Hurricane Harvey

Normally, as you faithful followers know, I write about buying and selling houses here. Makes sense, right? I mean, this is a real estate blog. Today, though, I want to switch it up a bit, get

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